Jesus Means Light, Hope and Freedom

When my neighbor told me of a scared wild bird that was trapped, flying around in the large clothing store where she worked, and that the employees were unable to catch it to set it free–I immediately thought back to working with my Dad in Texas. We had a big showroom where we sold and stored huge rolls of vinyl and carpet flooring. A bird had flown into the storeroom. We watched as he bumped into the roof, flying into the lights, slowly exhausting himself in a useless frantic attempt to escape the store. We tried and tried to catch him, and chase him out, to set him free, but it was useless. The bird kept flying without direction, failing in his lost attempt to find a way out. As I watched the bird suffer, the Lord impressed me with a message that could save the lost bird–turn off the lights in the store. Then the bird would fly toward the light of the open door and gain his freedom. I turned off man’s lighting, the bird saw God’s light, and the bird was free!

This same thought comes to me again and again when we are in darkness, brooding around, trying to find our way out of problems created by man. Like the lost bird I once saw follow God’s path to freedom and peace; when we behold Jesus, we see light, hope, and freedom. He is always there to guide us through this dark earthly world we are trapped in and nothing we can do will ever make Him turn His light off. His beacon will always shine for us to find, no matter what we have done, are doing, or will ever do. In times of darkness I will always remember that I witnessed that God gave even a simple bird the wisdom to fly toward His light, and that He will always give us no less.

Robbie D Lauterjung 3ABN Production

The Dangerous Void